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Our Outsourced VP of Sales have helped thousands of small to mid-size businesses get their sales back on track. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected most companies, but those that develop a plan-ahead strategy now will be in a better position than their competitors when the crisis is over.

Our North American team of veteran sales leaders have weathered crises in their corporate past, so they have the unique ability to leverage that experience and expertise to help companies during these challenging times.

Don’t carry the burden on your own. Tap into the strength and knowledge of our incredible fractional community. You have options when working with our Fractional Vice President of Sales. We are able to meet your budget, timing and needs.

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Your business doesn’t have to suffer because of COVID-19, we can help position you for explosive growth!

Sales Xceleration has always served the small to mid-sized business community.  When that community is suffering, we want to help.

Our Sales Recovery Plan will identify:

  • Your current sales preparedness
  • How to best survive this current crisis
  • How to position your company for significant sales growth post-crisis

Our Fractional VP of Sales will conduct 3 half-day workshops with your leadership team. The result will be specific, actionable steps to help your organization not only survive this current crisis, but to thrive because of it.

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Our goal is to help small to mid-size businesses come out of this crisis surviving and thriving. Talk to a Fractional Sales VP near you so they can share how we create a plan, implement the plan and drive revenue.

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