2021 State of Sales
Rate themselves poorly in knowing is their sales training is effective.
Of companies don't provide sales training to address gaps in sales competencies.
Of companies don't score their prospects based on their perceived value.

WNY Sales Solutions develops an Executable Sales Strategy tailored to small to midsize businesses and focused on growth, improvement, and sustainable success. We provide the building blocks that create a solid sales infrastructure and take your operations to the next level. From hiring the right people to properly managing your sales team, we accelerate momentum for our clients in Western New York.

Executable Sales Strategy Development & Implementation

Why choose WNY Sales Solutions? Any enterprise lacking sufficient resources, understanding, time, or staff to move forward can benefit greatly from our concentrated and knowledgeable guidance. Maybe your operation lacks a formal sales process, is experiencing ineffective management, or derailed proposals. Maybe you’re simply not sure how to propel sales. We are here to help.

Let our experienced professionals explain a sales strategy including goals and quotas, tactical action plan, and multi-year revenue forecast. We’ll initiate a sales process with defined sales stages, crucial objectives at each stage, and the requirements to advance to the next stage. We outline job responsibilities for team members and implement sales forecasting and revenue goals. A hiring plan includes execution of sales personnel hiring, commission calculators, and more.

WNY Sales Solutions will set you up with a sales strategy for success!

At WNY Sales Solutions, we recognize the unique issues and vision of your business. We grow your sales organization through a proven, innovative, and detailed business plan. Steps, recommendations, and processes are prioritized to maximize benefits as quickly as possible. WNY Sales Solutions invites you to reach out to us at 716-508-0046 with your questions. We look forward to explaining our strategies and achievements in greater depth. We’ve supported the success of a diversity of businesses and industries across Buffalo and surrounding regions.

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Phil B.
Senior Account Manager

“Taught by one of the best sales leaders I have been around, I utilized what I learned and applied the techniques directly to my organization.

I would recommend this program program to anyone who is looking to make an impact in sales within their organization.”

Aaron W.
HVAC Sales Manager

“As someone who has attended multiple trainings in my career, I can say that this program is essential for any business that does not have a sales strategy in place and wants to grow.

It is great reinforcement for sales managers and by working with other local leaders you are reminded that you are not alone and others are fighting the same fight you are.

I highly recommend this program.”

Sales Manager

“I personally experienced Tony’s systematic sales planning and revenue enhancement training as part of a year long Sales Leadership Exchange program. This expansive program taught me how to effectively train and develop sales staff to peak performance levels. I am confident that this method of training has significantly benefited my Team’s performance.

From effectively analyzing team needs to conducting engaging coaching sessions, Tony prepared me to excel in my role…”

Liz B.
Sales Manager

“Tony is a skilled Vice President of Sales. He has vast knowledge, based on 25+ years of experience, on all topics related to effective sales management. Tony is direct and insightful, generous with his time and talent. Tony is very professional and currently serves as a facilitator of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s

Sales Leader Exchange Program. Tony’s invaluable knowledge regarding process, procedures, strategy planning, measurement, leadership and accountability…”

Marcelo A.
VP of Sales Tarbell Management

“We engaged Tony’s consulting services at the end of 2019. When we started the 2020 year, we had to put our projects on pause due to the Covid pandemic. Tony was easy to work with and very flexible. He was professional and always delivered on his commitments on time. Tony helped us to structure our sales team, create a sales process from scratch, develop and implement a CRM system, introduce a performance based compensation plan for our sales force, and conducted sales training for our field sales representatives and regional sales managers…”

Connie W.

“Tony will give ANY sales team the kick they need to jump start or reinvigorate their sales efforts. He has been such a gift to numerous companies – building effective sales team and creating focused, strategic sales plans that have resulted in $100’s of millions in annual revenues. Tony is a pleasure to work with, inspires leaders and teams where ever he works, and he somehow is able to see through a myriad of complications and personalities to establish order and a focused game plan. I could not recommend him more highly.”

Kyle S.
President/CEO at STI-CO Industries, Inc.

“We worked with Tony to establish a sales process and reporting matrix. Tony has extensive experience in sales and helping companies build a more efficient, results oriented business development team. He has a creative approach that was easy to implement. Understanding that buy-in from the team is critical, he spent time with each individual to customize a sales system that was unique to STI-CO. He helped us with job descriptions, commission structure and execution strategy…”

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