Sales Leader Exchange

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s Sales Leader Exchange

Tony is the facilitator of the Sales Leader Exchange program. This program provides unique peer-to-peer, professional development focused on developing sales leaders. Through it, sales leaders are able to meet, share experiences, and resolve business challenges in a comfortable and confidential setting. Sales Leader Exchange focuses on the specific goals, objectives, and challenges of today’s sales leaders, including process, procedures, strategy, planning, measurement, leadership, and accountability.

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges?

  • You have not developed a sales plan
  • The sales team is under performing
  • You are not meeting your sales goals
  • You do not have a solid tracking system or an understanding of your pipeline
  • You were promoted to the sales manager position and are in need of the right leadership training

If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, Sales Leader Exchange is for you.

Get Started Today in Developing Your Plan-Ahead Sales Strategy

My goal is to help SMBs come out of this crisis surviving and thriving. Discover how, together, we create a plan, implement the plan and drive revenue.