2021 State of Sales
Rate themselves poorly in knowing is their sales training is effective.
Of companies don't provide sales training to address gaps in sales competencies.
Of companies don't score their prospects based on their perceived value.

To drive sales, you need to maximize value. The return from investment is a priority to buyers across all industries. From initial sales to repeat business and referrals, overall value as seen by the client is the key to your growth and success. WNY Sales Solutions helps small to midsize businesses create value propositions. We work with you to determine the reasons your consumers buy and the factors that influence whether they make a purchase and from whom.

Value Proposition Development

A value proposition establishes how an individual or enterprise benefits from buying a product or service from you. This statement explains why a consumer should choose your company and verifies that your specific solution is better and more valuable than similar options on the market. Our findings assist you in targeting the right customers. By learning what your customers expect and are basing their decisions on, you can develop the most advantageous sales strategies.

Set your business on the right path with a value proposition workshop!

Consumers need to want and/or require what you’re selling. They should recognize your product as a standout and trust that you can fulfill your promises. Getting noticed for the right reasons is imperative. WNY Sales Solutions works to optimize the results of your selling efforts. We work with you to realize the full potential of your sales team. Simply call 716-508-0046 and ask the professionals from WNY Sales Solutions for in-depth information about our value propositions and list of services. We assist businesses across Buffalo and surrounding regions.

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